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IMG_1364.JPG Isabelle
"We are so grateful to the Melanie Braysher Trust for helping to fund the purchase of a Mollii suit for our 7 year old daughter Isabelle.  Last October Isabelle was a perfectly fit and healthy 6 year old child when she contracted a virus which has affected her neurologically.  Nearly a year later, whilst she is much improved, she is still left with ataxia which affects her balance and all aspects of coordination.  There is no cure or medication for Isabelle's condition.  Until we had the Mollii suit the only help we could get her was physiotherapy.  The Mollii suit works by sending electrical signals to the brain to stimulate the muscles to work in a more coordinated fashion.  She has been wearing her Mollii suit every day for 1 hour for 1 month now and we can see the difference.  Her walking and balance are improved and we feel there has been a marked acceleration in her recovery.  Thank you so very much for helping her on her road to recovery. "

I just wanted to share some photos of Brandon's first go in his scooot. He brought a tear to our eye and even began to master moving it on his first go. I have also added a short power point that my middle daughter is presenting at school tomorrow to promote the cake sale she is doing to raise money for your charity. I will forward the funds when she has hosted it.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for Brandon - I shall be forever grateful.

Warmest wishes, 



Just to re-echo my comments from earlier. Huge huge thanks to you and the trustees. Evie is utterly delighted! We cannot wait to get her back a bit of independence and this chair should definitely do that. Evie is due to move from mainstream education to Treloar in September (a big scary step for her as I’m sure you can imagine) and we are confident this chair will be a big factor her getting settled and as independent as she can be once she starts there. Your support is so so appreciated! 


Frensham Pond Sailability


Spring 2018 Fundraising News - In contrasting weather conditions the launch of our second new boat 'Melanie' (replacing 13 yr old 'Fisk') was on a beautiful spring day in early May. 'Melanie' was funded by a very generous donation from the Melanie Braysher Trust.

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