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The Melanie Braysher Trust was formed in April 1992 with the aim of providing independence, wherever possible, to disabled children and young people through the provision of mobility equipment.  The Melanie Braysher Trust know that mobility is something of fundamental importance to the happiness and wellbeing of children and young people. We also know that the quality of life of the whole family can he transformed when their child’s independence is enhanced.  For the older and more able young people, motorised scooters and electric wheelchairs can be provided. For the younger, less independent children, we can loan specialist pushchairs, buggies or any other equipment to suit.

The new generation of mobility equipment we can provide stems from our belief that every child deserves independence and mobility. We believe the children and young people we want to help will be better placed to achieve their full potential whether in their studies, work, or leisure pursuit.

Any disabled child or young person living in or around Surrey, Sussex or Hampshire will have his or her application assessed to see to what extent the Melanie Braysher Trust is able to help.  We loan mobility equipment on short, or long term basis to those temporarily or permanently disabled
regardless of the nature or cause of the disability.

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